Thursday, March 19, 2009

Okay, so it's been a long time....

We've landed in Houston. We've celebrated 2 birthdays, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day.

Rylee turned 6 on Feb 26. For her birthday, she got a new bike. 20" of purple Schwinn. She can ride without training wheels, but feels insecure and can move faster with them, so we put them back on. She has 1 very loose tooth, and another thats very close behind. She's as healthy as a horse and really branching out with trying new foods. (Impressive for that girl, let me tell ya!) She is loving school. She's making new friends and feeling her share of shunning as well (some girls made fun of her smile). She loves Texas and thinks it is a very sun-shiny place.

Nolan turned 38 on March 10. We went to the Rodeo. It was really fun. Think kid carnival meets petting zoo meets men riding, falling, wrangling animals. The kids LOVED it almost as much as Nolan. We overpaid for pizza. Paid a million dollars for carnival tickets. Came home with a stuffed dog named cuddles that Nolan won by popping balloons with a dart. Cuddles has a tear in his back. He is in the ER. I can't find my sewing kit. Oh...the drama.

Wyatt has a birthday coming up quickly...April 17, he will be 4. He has already gotten his big gift...a bike. We have it early because we'll be gone over his birthday and he was really wanting to ride with Rylee, we figured they'd get a lot of use out of spring. And we were right! They ride everywhere together. Wyatt misses his preschool, a lot. Too much maybe. We're keeping him busy learning at home and he gets to golfing more often with dad, so he thinks that is cool.

Calvin, oh my sweet Calvin. He's getting good sense of his place in the family and likes to test the rest of us. I'm pretty certain he joined our family for the sole purpose of keeping me on my toes. Overall, he's a very happy boy. And very loved, with his white blonde hair and sloppy kisses. Made up songs and animal noises. More often than not, he's referred to as Biscuit (his "dog" name). He likes to draw on walls and pop out of bed every 2 seconds most nights. He sneaks in my room and snuggles me in bed at about 4 am each morning. Around 6 he starts begging for milky. He loves to "help" with housework and brush his teeth. Oh, the life of Calvin.

As for me, I'm starting to research some schooling options for nursing. One shiny day it will be time for me to return to the workforce (I can only expect Nolan to support me for so long....) and I'll need to be prepared. My days are filled with cleaning, chasing, singing (not on key), reading (childrens books) and many other mommy chores that need not be mentioned here! Life is good, really good!:)


  1. Well, we are certainly loving having you guys here! For such a huge change, your family seems to be taking it in strides.

  2. Now you know why I miss shiny Texas so much!! Anyway...we miss you tons, but I am glad you are settling in!

  3. Oh what a great blog post. I can feel your warm shiny happy feelings. Glad everyone is settling in nicely.

  4. Mindy, I LOVED this post! Sounds like overall things are going great for you and your family in Texas:)