Tuesday, January 20, 2009

8 times

That's how many times I had to retuck Calvin tonight. He is in the process of transitioning to his big boy bed. He sleeps great in it, but Nolan has been rocking him to sleep and then putting him to bed the past couple of nights. With Nolan gone (ManDate) tonight, I decided to try for real. Only 8 times, I was honestly prepared for 807 times. So I'm feeling pretty lucky.

He was pretty cute though. I'd stick him in bed, 5 minutes later he's hiding around the corner peeking at me. So I stand up and he high tails it to his room saying "no mommy, I do it I do it I do it". Prankster.


  1. LMBO- Glad it only took 8x's. He sounds a lot like Leila. :P

  2. Tag you're it! Go see my blog.