Thursday, January 3, 2013


I had foot surgery on December 14th to remove the bunion on my right foot, which has been giving me some issues the last couple of years. I also had a peanut sized growth on my nerve that was removed at the same time.

My surgeon said I could be back in a shoe in 2 weeks. And he was right. But I still can't walk normal, or put pressure on my big toe, which isn't good. I went back in last week, to find out that I'm allergic to the tape he used when he removed my stitches. It caused a small infection, which he removed. He gave me some stuff called gentian violet. It's purple. Dark purple. I paint my foot with it and its supposed to heal me up.

I think it's working-I'm hoping to be walking normal in the next couple of weeks. And I'm really hoping to be back to work at the beginning of February. Which brings me to my biggest dilemma--my need for a new babysitter...stay tuned for updates on this crazy journey!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday Calvy!!

Oh dear, look at that.  My little baby is SIX! {WHAT?!?!}  Geez, it seems like just yesterday I was having the time of my life giving birth to our sweet, little surprise! Ok, that was sarcastic.  It wasn't fun.  But Calvin is.  He loves golf.  {He got new golf stuff for his birthday, and he's so happy!}  His favorite color is black.  He loves school. {He wears 'a little black backpack' to school}.  He loves football, The Oregon Ducks, reading, playing catch, riding bikes, being dirty, burping and going to restaurants.  He'll eat nearly anything you put in front of him.  He has a great sense of humour and makes up jokes that are actually funny! All in all, he is a very perfect little boy!

Tonight, he stayed awake for an extra hour.  I knew he was tired, and was curious to know what was keeping him up.  Soon enough, he came downstairs to show me--the grossest display of trying to yank out a loose tooth ever.  He wiggled, yanked, pulled, pushed and jacked that tooth around so much it made my stomach flip.  Eww.  {But, his sister lost yet another tooth tonight and he wasn't going to be left behind.  If that fairy is coming, she's leaving something for him too!!} So the tooth came out, we had a {not so great} fast photo op, and he put the tooth aside....not for the fairy, but so he can take it to school tomorrow to show his teacher.  {sigh} I hope the fairy remembers to come back tomorrow night.