Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

The end of the day

The Loot

Rylee, Ava, Wyatt and Calvin waiting for the hunt.

After they got the baskets.

Awaiting the "big" surprise!

We did most of our Easter celebrating a day early, due to Nolan's work schedule. The kids received their baskets this morning and spent the morning playing with a few new little toys. Our community had an egg hunt that the kids had a blast participating in, and we were fortunate enough not to get rained on! The day was very successful in my book, Calvin passed out in daddy's rocking chair at 6pm. I'm crossing my fingers he's tired enough to sleep all night, but I'll take the screaming break any day!

*Note to readers: I obviously need to do more regular blogging. Somehow everytime I load pictures they are exactly backwards. Makes for fun viewing I suppose!


  1. Looks like they had a nice Easter! That first picture cracks me up:)

  2. mine are always backwards, too! Love all the new updates :)