Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving to Houston!

Well, its official. If you heard the rumors, you can now rest assured that they are true! We are moving to Houston. Nolan is very excited about starting his new job at Flemings! We are very grateful to our friends Sheri and Daniel, who have helped out so much with the job and showed us around Houston while we were down for the interview.

I will still be staying home with the kids...well most of them. Rylee will be in full day Kindergarten. Shhh, don't tell her. We're going to let her figure it out on her own;) She should be pleasantly surprised. I'm hoping that full day will keep her occupied and she'll come home tired;) It should be a bit more challenging for her. I don't think Wyatt will go back to Preschool...at least not until September. There is so much to do to keep him busy, that I don't think we'll need it to fight boredom. I plan on working with him at home with the basics. And Calvin, his sweet little life will stay the same...it'll just have more sunshine!

We'll be saying Goodbye to some amazing friends, and our family the first week in February. The 2nd or 3rd...we're not exactly sure yet. It will take 40+ hours to make the drive. We're hoping to do it in about 6 days, with a 2 night stay at the Las Vegas Worldmark resort for a little R&R. The kids will deserve a pool and a long swim by that point.

So, if you have any patience, send it my way. I could definitley use some extra for this move!

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  1. I can't wait for you to get here! I know, they are dying for Nolan to start working.