Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catch a Tiger by his Toe

I wanted to make sure this particular photo didn't get lost in the shuffle of 300+ vacation pictures. Calvin had been saying the eeny meeny miney mo thing all week. He was very animated and intense in the "my mom said to..." part. Very cute. At this particular time he was attacking Uncle Scott with repititions of the verse. Leaving out this part, or that part. But always making sure that "his mom said to..".

For those of you that really know Calvin, you know that he's not so outgoing around people he doesn't see much. This was his second time meeting Uncle Scott. And he LOVED him! Followed him around, played hide-and-seek, and just generally adored him all week. This is a big deal, having the love of Calvin right off the bat. And that is why this photo is priceless.
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