Monday, January 19, 2009

Belated Christmas Post!

Apparently with the holidays I was too busy to actually post anything about our family, how we're doing and to show off a few christmas pictures. We had a great time the whole season. The last week of school was canceled due to snow and ice. I think Rylee went to school one day and Wyatt went one day. We dressed in our warmest clothes and played in the snow, then came in to warm up with some cocoa. (I'm pretty sure that was their favorite part)! We enjoyed our first (and last) Christmas in our new home. We had good friends over for dinner on Christmas and the kids enjoyed opening (too many) presents.

We visited Nolan's sister for a big family dinner. Nearly everyone of his siblings were there (except two) so it was nearly a reunion. On the way home our fuel pump stopped working in the suburban (shocker, I know) so we ended up with an impromptu stay with Melinda. (She is so sweet!) We came home the following morning and his littlest sister and her husband came to stay for a couple of days. While they were here my brother came too. It was fun!

We spent New Years very quietly. Our friend Chad was here and he and Nolan watched movies until the sun came up. I was in bed before midnight. Sad but true.

Anyway, on to the pictures I promised!

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