Monday, November 17, 2008

Calvin turns 2!

Calvin turned two this past Friday. We had a small party for him on Saturday. A dog party. It was hilarious to see 10 little kids lapping up apple juice out of dog bowls, to see who could finish the fastest. (Carson was the first real winner. Jade was first, but she picked her bowl up. Rylee was second and Reese was third). I had dog ears for all the kids to wear (only about half actually wore them though). Rylee painted faces. Nolan made a dog house, just for them to crawl around in. I made the cake. It was a really fun time, all the kids loved it! And he got some great gifts he is very excited about (my favorite being a kid size vaccuum that really sucks!).

At age (barely) 2, Calvin is speaking nearly in full sentences. He is extremely good with his words if I do say so myself. He is getting better at listening to me when I ask him to do things, and when we go out. He loves to hold hands now, where 2 months ago he'd just dart into the street. His favorite game is chase (its the dog in him, LOL) and he'll try to get the kids to play with him by taking their things and running away. He loves to bring me my things. Namely my coffee (when I leave it on the table for a restroom break). We still call him "FAT" even though he's not really anymore. He does have some linebacker qualities about him though. He loves to talk to people when we walk through the grocery store. He's very charming. I taught him to tell people "hi. You're pretty". He's well loved in the community;)

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