Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween.  What's not to love about playing dress-up and eating candy?  My kids also love Halloween {lucky} and our neighborhood is pretty fun.  A house up the street does a haunted house every year and its pretty freaky.  Maybe even better than some of ones around here that you have to pay to get into.  Another neighbor came through the 'hood with his horse drawn carriage.  Pretty cool stuff {until the horse does his business}.  Our good friends, Suzanne and Richie, came over to party down.  It was a pretty fun night!

Captain America was there! {Wyatt}
We had a boxer {Richie}, Abby Bominable {Rylee}, and a member of the swat team {Calvin}.
Thor {Nolan} and Princess Leia {Mindy} joined the fun, too!
In previous years, we've had a tradition of leaving the majority of the candy out for the great pumpkin.  He comes, and takes the candy, leaving a present behind.  And mommy gets lots of candy. {yay!} However, this year only Wyatt is leaving candy for the great pumpkin.  Along with a note, thanking him for coming.  {He's very sentimental}.  The other two want to keep all their candy and throw up from eating too much {their words}.  I love Halloween!

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