Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School 2010

My sweet little Wyatt, all grown up and headed off to Kindergarten! He chose to wait to buy a backpack until he could scope out what the other kids were carrying, so he's sporting one of mine! I love how adorable he is with his little belt and shirt tucked tightly in. Such qualities of my big guy. He describes his first day as "great!" except for the part where the teacher ran into the pole on the playground and had a headache.

Rylee headed off for her first day of second grade. She rode the bus for the first time, made 2 friends right away and remembered to check on her brother at safekey. She did her homework as soon as we got home and said that both her teacher and bus driver are fun!


  1. Look how big they are getting! Glad their first days went well:)

  2. Oh wow! And how did Mr. Calvin do with both brother and sister gone? I think we are going to the Gilcrease Orchard this morning...I could swing by and pick him up for a couple of hours...