Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Fairy Dance!

SHEESH! I personally have been waiting for WEEKS for this tooth to come out. I've begged and pleaded and tried to bribe with money, all to no avail, to have her let me pull it. I mean, it was just hanging on for dear life and flapping all around. Finally tonight, she bumped it and it popped right out. (Isn't that the way it always happens?). She was so excited, jumping around, squealing and asking all sorts of questions (you'd think this was her first tooth!).

As a kid, our tradition was always to put it under the pillow. The tooth fairy came, left some cash and took the tooth. My friend Sheri has her daughter put it in a glass of water. When the tooth fairy takes the tooth, the water turns the color of her dress. I thought this would fascinate Rylee, so I told her. She could not, for the life of her, decide what to do. After careful deliberation (read: chatterbox of questions) she decided on the glass. In the kitchen (yay me!). It's an hour and a half past bedtime and she's not asleep yet. And she's checked the water to make sure its not too cold. Checked again to make sure its not too warm.

The best part, was when I was snuggling her in bed. She told me how proud she was of herself, for letting it come out on its own. **hint, hint** mom.


  1. LMBO

    Yeah, Ava was not too thrilled with me pulling it this time. I told her that I just needed to "look at it". She clearly has not learned that we look with our eyes and not our hands because she let me stick my fingers in and pull it out. :P

    So what color was her dress?

  2. Oh, the dress was purple. Dark purple to be exact.

    I bet Ava is a little more cautious with the next one:)