Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kid Update.

This is for those of you (Joni, Mom) that would love to know all those crazy little things about each of my kids. This may get lengthy, so bear with me;)

I'll start with Rylee. Mostly because she's the oldest and likes to be first all the time. LOL.

~She is reading fluently. Big words too. Send her notes, because she can read them. And she feels special with mail. (So does Wyatt, so play fair!).

~Her favorite color is still pink. But she loves purple too. And yellow because her baby blanket is yellow.

~Her two bottom teeth are almost "growed" back.

~She loves to draw. Mostly pictures of me, because I'm her favorite thing.

~She knows exactly how I'd like for her to behave and makes sure to do it when I'm around (kind words, sharing), but tests her powers when she thinks I'm not looking.

~Her favorite games right now are checkers and wild animals. Her perfect day would be her and I playing wild animals all morning in our pj's and eating junk food.

Now, on to Wyatt.

~He's doing great in Preschool. He's very sad the days he doesn't get to go.

~He can write his name all by himself!!!

~He likes to draw and can make some obvious shapes now. He's great at coloring, stays pretty close to the lines for a 3 year old.

~His favorite game is golf. Or driving his John Deere truck.

~He loves Spiderman, Monster Trucks, and anything Rylee likes.

~He sleeps on the top bunk, because Rylee traded him so he would be happy and stop crying.

~He's fully potty trained and stays dry most nights. (He does use a pullup, just in case. Have you ever had to change the top bunk? In the middle of the night. No fun. )

Now on to Calvin.

~He can talk clearly and say words that a two year old shouldn't know. ;)

~He loves to wait at the bus stop for Rylee to get home.

~He despises the play care at the gym, but tolerates it for me most days.

~He loves to eat. Anything. Everything.

~He's the toughest cookie I know. The other day, he was climbing down out of the car and fell. Got a huge scrape on his elbow. Barely made a peep while bleeding all over me. And he doesn't cry when you rip the bandaid off.

~His favorite thing to do is take a bath/shower. Or pretend like he's peeing in the potty, when he's really peeing on the floor.

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