Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Brothers

My sister in law found this great John Deere ride on car for the boys at a garage sale. They love it! Wyatt is a fierce little driver, and apparently has a vendetta out for all of our little bushes in the front yard. Mostly he does great though. Calvin is too short to reach the pedals, but he loves to catch a ride. Rylee doesn't care for driving much, so it's all Wyatt and he's ok with that! Aren't these two cute in their matching shirts?!


  1. Those cars are the best toy. Ava has the Barbie jeep and drives Leila all around in it. She is finally realizing you can't just hit the gas and look all around. You have to steer. :P

  2. How adorable! We have been wanting to get the boys something similar for quite some time...maybe for Christmas!

    Love the matching shirts;)