Friday, July 25, 2008

Money Banks

It was time to start teaching the kids about money (mom, can I have that--dad, will you buy that). We had to put a stop to that;) so we got a couple of old jars and let them decorate them with stickers. Can you believe they spent over an hour, sitting at the kitchen table, putting stickers on their jar?! All the while, actually getting along? I know, I'm shocked too. Must have been the excitement of money. Daddy gave them each silver dollar pieces to start their banks out and Rylee has earned some cash by helping to babysit our baby friend Greta a couple of times. They get paid on Fridays. Which Rylee reminded me off when she woke up this morning! She saving up to buy some littlest pet shop toys, and Wyatt is really into some playmobil guys.

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