Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

This was definately by far the best mother's day I've ever had! Our friends Chad and Stacy came over and Nolan handed us the GPS and said "see ya later". So we followed the voice of (Clarice), and she took us to the spa! After filling out our paperwork, we were given cards that the boys left there for us. Very sweet. Nolan has a special way of writing the perfect thing in every card. Then we were taken to another room, where we had a very nice mani done. Afterwards, they led us to yet a third room (we were the only guests at the spa) where we were set up for pedicures. Massage chairs and all. We each had a boquet of Lily's waiting for us, and we were served champagne that the boys had brought in for us. (A pedicure just isn't a pedicure without champagne. That's my mother's day lesson).

Once we got home, the boys were in full swing of cooking dinner. I was so impressed with their presentation of pork, on a bed of couscous with pinenuts and craisins and a side of spinach with mushrooms that I just had to take a picture. They made some yummy appetizers...round tortilla chips with guac, a bit of grilled green onion and shrimp! Some other friends had stopped by for a nice surprise and joined us for dinner. It was really fun!

The kids gave me a nice card, that they all signed. (Nolan helped Calvin I think). It was a perfect Mother's Day and I definately feel appreciated!

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